About and Contact Chris Chaves

Currently serving with the Peace Corps as an Educator in partnership with the Ministry of Education in Southern Namibia. My job is focused on using monitoring and evaluation tools to improve curriculum, exams, and resources. My main projects also include facilitating and supervising professional and youth development in schools, community, and within the Peace Corps organization. I lead extracurricular activities like Learner Represented Council, reading programs and youth athletics. One of my projects was to implement a photography camp for orphan and vulnerable youth to learn the artistic and technical aspects of photography, then through dynamic photography projects, the students explored themes of self, identity, family, community, and environment.

Outside of my main responsibilities I am the Founding Vice-Chair of the Peace Corps Namibia Media Committee. We encourage participation in the Peace Corps Namibia Community through media by administering official media channels that we developed and launched. I produced an original video content series, PCV Impact and PCV Purpose, showcasing the Peace Corps Namibia experience. The video series has so far been viewed by more than 25,000 people worldwide.

I studied Marketing w/ a focus in "Internet Marketing" inside the School of Management at George Mason University.

I have worked in automotive advertising and in corporate marketing and am keenly adept at generating effective marketing/advertising campaigns for small, medium, and large businesses using all mediums, ranging from internet marketing to film production to print.

I've taught in elementary, middle, and high schools and spent a full academic year teaching Marketing Fundamentals and Introduction to Business to high school students.

Chris Chaves