A short video made for a student of mine whose name is Mao. He approached me asking for the video so he could send it to NBC's JustTeenz in Namibia. He wrote the script. The song was produced by a friend I met in Namibia named Robert.

HB - Lammie Beukes (Official Music Video)

This music video was for HB an artist from the very small desert town of Aroab in Southern Namibia. It's a performance video and the song is about growing up and being raised by a single mother. The song is an Afrikaans. I produced, shot, and edited this entire video.

A Teacher and Juffrou in My Community

This short film is about a Peace Corps Volunteers integration into her community. Myself and Leah, who the video is based on, came up with the idea and plans for the film. I worked as a cameraman, sound mixer and DP, capturing many of the shots. Was also in charge of all post-production (editing, color, etc).

Karakulia Weavers - A PCV Impact Story

This is a short film about the power a Peace Corps Volunteer can have in affecting change in his community. It is another film produced by the Peace Corps Namibia Media Committee. My contribution to the video was being one of the cameraman and much of the films post-production (editing, color, etc).

Goldwave - Sonop (Official Music Video)

This is a music video for Gold Wave, a group based in Keetmanshoop, Namibia. I helped produce the video and assisted with the filming and editing. The music video has been aired on NBC (Namibian Broadcasting Corporation) many times.

Lo Ski - Plaak (Official Music Video)

Another music video I shot while living in Keetmanshoop, Namibia. This one is for an aspiring Tanzanian artist, the video takes the character from the life he is living, but doesn't want, to his dream life, or so he thinks. I produced, shot, and edited this entire video. The music video was aired on national television in Namibia.

What Makes You Happy?

I made this short film for the 2016 Peace Corps Video Challenge. The challenges theme was "Highlighting Happiness" in two minutes or less. I chose to focus on my students and their personalities and the satisfaction I get from being their teacher and helping them reach their goals. This video was shown at the E Street Cinema in downtown Washington D.C. in front of a large audience during National Peace Corps week in 2016.

Monarch Butterfly Way Station

This is a shot video highlighting the impact a community can make in helping the Monarch Butterfly (a species whose numbers have been in decline over the years due to habit loss) recover.  I shot and edited the entire video.

Hiking the Fish River Canyon

The Fish River Canyon is located in the south of Namibia. It is the largest canyon in Africa and the second largest in the world. The Fish River is the longest interior river in Namibia. I shot this film on a GoPro while hiking the 80+ kilometers through the canyon. It was a surreal experience and the canyon will be one of the most quiet and peaceful places I think I'll ever visit.

Glass Blowing in Portland Oregon

This short film documents the process of making a glass piece. I filmed this while visiting a friends backyard glass blowing studio in Portland, Oregon. It was shot in a day, entirely handheld, as the artist produced the same piece after piece for a large project he was working on.