I help brands challenge, connect and grow.

I'm an account director at heart who loves finding the balance between a happy client and a happy account team. Through years and years of playing soccer and coaching I've learned that a team performs at its best when everyone understands their roles and responsibilities and has a common goal they're striving to achieve. When team members are allowed to express themselves and given creative freedom and encouragement, that's when amazing results can happen, think Barcelona FC circa 2009, the European Champions. I apply this same logic when working with teams, clients and customers.

I am always on the look out for exciting opportunities, so if you're looking for someone to grow your brand, help with marketing, or manage your clients, let me know!


Committee Vice-Chair~Educator~Brand Ambassador~Coach, 2015-2017

I had two major roles in Namibia. First, providing student centered education to grade 9 at-risk students; I also helped my Namibian colleagues improve to do the same. Second, putting Peace Corps (PC) Namibia on the social map. I did this by co-founding and leading a Media Committee that became the creators and curators of volunteers experiences and stories in Namibia. My time with the committee culminated with PC Washington awarding the “Social Star” in August 2017 for delivering an outstanding PC country social media strategy. Links to official Facebook, YouTube, & Instagram channels.

Marketing, Sales and Account Director, 2011-2015
Rockville, MD

One of the first ten employees to join as a start-up; within a few years the company transcended the label and exceeded yearly revenue goals of $2M+. I championed crafting a new brand strategy to drive revenue, while working across Marketing, Sales, and Account Management to build processes and infrastructure as well as a customer-driven culture to increase value and growth potential. I designed and customized the company website, authored engaging content, designed eye-catching graphics, optimized for search engines (SEO), and continuously updated and maintained all content to maximize web marketing efforts and branding. Hired, trained, and managed new full-time employees to support growth the marketing strategy was driving.

Account Manager, 2010
Herndon, VA

I directed account management and chaired responsibility for Jack Taylor’s Alexandria Toyota, the top performing Toyota dealership in the D.C. Metro area. I analyzed current practices, then strengthened and initiated a new workflow plan between the traffic manager and teams which allowed more efficient and effective cross-functional team communication. I executed and managed digital campaigns for seven dealerships simultaneously with multiple assets and stakeholders involved. I boosted and stimulated dealership leads by creating high performance Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns and landing pages.



I gravitate towards big challenges. My favorite ones require I learn new skills fast with short deadlines and limited budgets. My marketing leadership helped my employer of four years transcend the startup label and in the process landed big investors and huge contracts. As a Peace Corps Volunteer I excelled at learning a new language, teaching for student centered learning, and building a lasting media production team, all firsts.


I've never been okay with mediocrity, or giving up at anything I set out to do. As a child my goal was to become a college athlete and through hard work, goal setting, dedication and always competing to be the best player I could I was able to become a division one soccer player. My competitive drive provides the willpower and determination to complete whatever I set out to achieve. This drive contributes to the successes I've achieved in all my work.


Rapid learning allows me to settle into new environments fast. Moving from an established company to a startup meant the scope of my job completely changed; All of the sudden I was creating products, shipping internationally, designing websites and more. As a Peace Corps Volunteer I arrived in a new community in a new country doing a new job, but I was able to integrate myself quickly and excel in my role as a teacher and trainer.


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I am also proficient with HTML, Design, ESP Tools, SEO, SEM (AdWords Certified), Social Media Management and Website Management (I designed this website with WordPress and this one), Adobe Creative Suite, SalesForce Administration, Interviewing, Cameras and Equipment for Photography and Videography.


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